West Elementary Office

Enrolling Your Child

.When you wish to enroll your child(ren) at West, we need:

  • the birth certificate
  • the immunization records; the child cannot enter the classroom without these records.
  • the child's social security number;

There is an enrollment packet to complete; please allow 30 minutes to complete the paperwork.

For more information contact Deb Parsons.

Medication Information

All medications must be brought to the office by a parent or guardian.

All medications need to be stored in the office,

unless prior arrangements have been made between the doctor, parents and school.

Prescription medications must be in a pharmacist-labeled container that

specifies the student's name, the prescribing physician's name,

the date of the prescription and the directions for use.

(Pharmacists will give you an extra labeled container for school use if you ask for it.

Non-prescription medications should be in an original bottle or container labeled with the student's name.

(This includes cough drops, cough syrup, aspirin, and so on.)

No medications will be dispensed without the proper forms being filled out.

If your child needs medication at school, please come into the office to fill ourt the proper forms.

All medications will be kept and administered in the West Elementary office.

For more information contact Kelly Weis-Schultz, School Nurse.

Mandi Scott

West Counselor