Internet Use Policy

District Internet Policy 6245

Internet Usage

The Internet is a global information infrastructure used by educators, businesses, the government, the military, and many other organizations. The Spearfish Board of Education believes the use of the Internet offers vast, diverse and unique resources to students, teachers and other users. The district's goal in providing this service to staff, students and other users is to promote educational excellence in our schools by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication.

The Spearfish School District will make every reasonable effort to give access to educationally appropriate sites. However, it may not be technologically possible to limit Internet access to only those sites that have been authorized for the purpose of instruction, and research related to the curriculum.

The district firmly believes that access to the valuable information and the interaction on this global network far outweigh the possibility users may procure material that is not consistent with the educational goals for the district. However, parents/guardians are advised a determined user may be able to gain access to services on the Internet the district has not authorized for education purposes.

Parents/guardians are also advised that communications on the Internet on not censored by the district. Students participating in the use of the Internet may gain access to information and communications their parents/guardians find inappropriate, offensive or controversial. Parents/guardians assume this risk by consenting to allow their students to participate in the use of the Internet. In order to access the district's Internet service, students and their parent/guardian must first agree to and sign the district's acceptable use agreement.

The Spearfish School District does not sanction any use of the Internet that is not authorized by or conducted strictly in compliance with the rules, regulations and policies of the district. Users who disregard the district's acceptable use agreement may have their privileges suspended or revoked. In some cases, where applicable, law enforcement officials may become involved in actions that violate state or federal regulations or laws. Users granted access to the Internet through the Spearfish School District assume all responsibility and liability, both civil and criminal, for their use of this service. The district makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, for the Internet service that is provided. The district will not be responsible for any unauthorized financial obligations resulting from use of this service.