Infinite Campus

Dear Spearfish School District Parents,

We are inviting you, as parents, to join the Spearfish School District Parent Portal program. By joining this program, you will have instant, online, timely, secure and low cost access to school information about any of your children who attend Spearfish School District. Specifically, you will have online access to your child's attendance, tardy, discipline and transcript data. You will also have access to grading data for each class in which your child is enrolled, with assignments updated on a regular basis.

By implementing this new Parent Portal program, we hope to provide you with access to timely information while reducing the labor, paper and mailing costs historically associated with less frequent communications. We expect this initiative will be a win-win opportunity for parents and Spearfish School District, and we hope you will enroll in the program to get faster access to information while helping us reduce our costs!

You can obtain an application from any school building office, download PDF from this site (see link above), contact our District Technology Office at 605-717-1208, or email