6000 Instruction

6100 School Calendar

6125 AR School Day Dismissal for Emergencies/Inclement Weather

6200 Instructional Programs

6205 Selection of Instructional Materials

6210 Definition of Educational Services

6215 Exceptional Children Educational Plan

6220 Field Trips

6230 Instruction, Research, Testing

6235 Human Growth and Development Instruction

6240 Selection of Library Materials

6242/4030/5131 Acceptable and Ethical Use of Technology Resources

6244 AR Spearfish School District E-Mail Retention

6245 Internet Usage

6245 AR Spearfish School District E-Mail

6246/5132 Cyber Bullying Policy

6248/5133 Bullying

6250 Non-Credit Courses Called Continuing Units of Education

6255 Alternative Instruction Programs and Transfer of Credits from Non-Accredited and Alternative Instruction Programs

6260/1100 Political Activities During School Hours

6265 Middle School Acceleration

6270 Distance Education Virtual/Online Courses

6300 Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Programs

6305 Extra-Curricular Philosophy

6306 Adding New School-Based Club Activities

6306 FM Adding New School-Base Club Activities Form

6307 District Recognition of Non-School Sports

6315/5430 Spearfish School District Extra-Curricular Rules and Enforcement Procedure

6318/5435 Extra-Curricular Training Rule Violations

6320 Participation of Alternative Instruction Students in Extra-Curricular Activities

6325/5440 Request for Advancement of Middle School Activities to the High School Levels

6325/5440 FM Request for Advancement of Middle School Activities to the High School Levels Form

6400 Challenged Materials

6400 FM Reconsideration of Educational/Library/Resources

6500 Academic Achievement

6505/5700 Graduation Requirements Diploma Requirements

6600 Copyright Policy

6625 Class Size

6700 Wellness Policy

6710 Credit By Course Equivalency Exam