Creekside Elementary Office

Dan Olson


Administrative Assistant - E-mail - - phone 605-717-1210 - fax 605-717-1231

If you are new to the Spearfish School District and want to enroll your child(ren), we need

the following information when you arrive at Creekside:

1. An original State issued Birth Certificate

2. Immunization Dates

If you do not live in Spearfish, you will need to fill out the Open Enrollment forms at the Business Office - 525 E. Illinois St.

Open Enrollment is limited to September and January.

Welcome to our District!

Parent Information:

Attendance- Please e-mail or call to let us know that your student will be absent. (717-1210)

Bell Times- Opening bell rings at 8:10 am, the tardy bell rings at 8:15 am. Closing bell is at 3:05 pm. There is supervision on the playground beginning at 7:50 am.

Driving for a field trip?- We will need a copy of your driver's license and vehicle insurance. Both of these must be current.

Drop Off:- Student drop off is in the North parking lot off of North Main only. Just look for the big fish and remember to keep pulling forward!

Hours:- Our office hours (beginning two weeks before school starts and 10 days after the last day) are from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM on weekdays.

Medications (including cough drops) must be brought to the school, in their original container, by a parent or guardian. A Medication Administration form must be completed before any medications will be dispensed. All medications (including cough drops) are kept in the office. Please plan on the medication staying at the school as it cannot be sent to and from school daily with your student. If your Doctor wants your student to carry their inhaler at all times, we need a copy of the prescription with the Doctor instructing the carry. We will also need a back-up inhaler kept in the office. The safety and well being of your student is very important to us.

Pets for Show and Tell- If an animal is brought to school by the parent for show and tell, please contact the teacher prior to the visit to arrange the best time. Animals brought to school need to have proof of vaccination for rabies and distemper. Animals must be taken home immediately after show and tell.

Placement- Classroom placement is completed in the spring for the following year. Your current classroom teacher places your student and they make the best possible matches for each student while maintaining balanced classrooms. If you have a concern, please pick up a Request for a Specific Learning Environment form from our office. The deadline for these forms to be returned is April 1st.

Thank you to all our Volunteers!